Gen2bano Clothing was born in the BAY AREA, CA and is inspired by NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CULTURE, with mixtures of custom art, skate, car scene, urban, photography and hip-hop. Bringing its own unique cultural style of clothing since the beginning of 2009. Each special release is a collection of graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, knits, women, headwear, and accessories. The Gen2bano logo represents strength, integrity, and creativity. Unlike any other, Gen2bano brings its own lifestyle from streetwear clothing to being car enthusiasts, to photography, art and is devoted to all of their fans.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach...

This probably has to be one of my most favorite spots in LA! The beach, the people, and the overall vibe of Venice just blows my mind. I can only say I've been here a hand full of times but going on a nice sunny Saturday has to be the best time to check this place out. I came to Venice to see if I could capture the real essence of this beach, which I think I came pretty close. 

When going to Venice, make sure to find good "neighborhood" parking spot, in less you feel like spending $30+ for a some random stranger to park your car. It might take awhile but believe me, it's worth it! Once at the beach I try to not spend so much time in the "touristy" spots such as; muscle beach, the pier, or one of the many shops along the coast line. Being adventures is the best way to have fun here! Check out the skaters, watch some of the performances, or even try some of the restaurants if you feel hungry. Venice has something for everyone! 

Overall Venice Beach is such a fun place to be! My only advice is to keep walking and explore anything that catches peaks your interest....I DID!


L.A. Arts District

This post will act as one of many photography based post as well as being my very first blog entry. I'm excited to show everyone the random adventures I take while living in SoCal! I plan to use this blog to showcase not only these LA adventures, but also some creative inspiration I might find.

So what is there to say about the LA Arts District.....

It's clean! This probably has to be one of the most cleanest spots in LA you could possibly find! I would even go as far as to say it is the "Irvine" of LA. As I walked up and down these streets, I felt a strange sense that I was home. Everywhere you look there is some form of art present. I came to the LA Arts District with a friend of mine and we were taken back by all that there was to see. The lofts, street art, and even the people seemed to be as though they were somehow apart of this area. The buildings themselves were even giant installations both new and old next to each other showing a perfect example of contrast between new and old. Its warehouse spaces showcase self-expressive dilapidation and reimagined artistic interpretation. After taking a moment to walk around and getting to know the area more, we started to feel a bit hungry and with the help of Yelp, we were off to find lunch. We came across a couple of organic places but none really caught our eye like Urth Caffe! This organic heaven has some of the best tasting food and beverages I have personally ever had. A bold statement but it is true. Coming into the Caffe your senses go crazy over the decor, smell of fresh expresso, pasties, and more. I ended up using a Yelp review to choose what to order which I ended up getting The "New Yorker" Sandwich (A classic Rueben sandwich with all natural pastrami with Russian dressing, braised green cabbage, imported Swiss cheese on thick slices of Marble bread. Grilled golden brown and served with a mixed greens salad & cornichon pickles) and a Spanish Latte (A sweet, creamy cafe latte inspired by coffee in Barcelona). This meal blew me away with all the flavor that was jammed into my sandwich and the rich creamy goodness that was my latte. 


The LA Arts District: Insatiable creative energy and unstoppable trendiness emanate from the walls of its swiftly repurposing warehouse spaces and industrial-inspired artists' lofts. Galleries, studios, and connoisseurs of coffee, cocktails, and challenging concepts crowd into this unmistakably-painted bastion for incoming artists and fresh-faced visionaries.