Venice Beach

Venice Beach...

This probably has to be one of my most favorite spots in LA! The beach, the people, and the overall vibe of Venice just blows my mind. I can only say I've been here a hand full of times but going on a nice sunny Saturday has to be the best time to check this place out. I came to Venice to see if I could capture the real essence of this beach, which I think I came pretty close. 

When going to Venice, make sure to find good "neighborhood" parking spot, in less you feel like spending $30+ for a some random stranger to park your car. It might take awhile but believe me, it's worth it! Once at the beach I try to not spend so much time in the "touristy" spots such as; muscle beach, the pier, or one of the many shops along the coast line. Being adventures is the best way to have fun here! Check out the skaters, watch some of the performances, or even try some of the restaurants if you feel hungry. Venice has something for everyone! 

Overall Venice Beach is such a fun place to be! My only advice is to keep walking and explore anything that catches peaks your interest....I DID!